Tips On Protecting Digital Camera

Posted by Admin-Digicam | Friday, December 05, 2008

Don't you wanna missing some great event or shots? Even when it's raining or snowing, extremely hot or cold? keeping digital camera when it's raining is a way keep digital camera safe, but you will be missing some great shots. So how can i still get some shots when its extremely weather?

Protecting digital camera from extremely weather is the important thing to keep your digital camera works. You spend your money for digital camera, so you do not want your camera may be damaged.

Here's some tips protecting camera from extremely weather (source : digital

Get a good camera bag

One thing you can do to protect your camera while traveling or hiking or exposure to the elements is to invest in a good, high-quality camera bag. There are plenty of them out there and many of them are back stable. Bogen and Lowepro are two makers of quality bags.

Not only will a good bag protects your equipment from the weather, but they will also stipulate that all equipment used everywhere safe and secure.

Use a UV filter

It is also a good idea to use a filter, such as a UV (ultraviolet) and skylight filter to protect your lens. They are much cheaper than in the place of a lens every day of the week.

Rain tips for your camera

There are a few things you can do for your camera if you happen to be stuck outside the company, and a really important factor.

If the weather changes to rain, you can set your camera under your coat, shirt, hat, anything that will shield. If you are interested in obtaining a number of photographs of the weather, you can set your camera in a plastic bag and make a hole big enough for the lens. Just use a rubber band to the bag on the lens.

How to beat the heat

Avoid leaving your camera in the extreme heat if you are outside. Construction of a light towel over it will help shade from the sun. Do not use dark colors because they will simply absorb the heat.

If the cold outside

When its cold outside, one thing you can do for your camera is try to keep it as warm as possible. Again, to put under your jacket works well using your body heat. Keep your camera warm as possible, hopefully to prevent condensation.

If condensation occurs, open the battery and memory compartments, empty and store the compartments open until they dry out. Do not take your camera back outside if there is condensation in / on. It is possible to freeze.